Mestyl Tabdrossol

The naive elven summoner lead by a righteous creature that beleives its a Coutal, Mestyl travels the lands with her brother Eli, becasue we are afraid to go home.


Level 5 Summoner


The Vaedi elves have been trying to carve off their own niche of elven life in the Oram region for sometime. Mestyl and Eli’s parent strove to gain a name for themselves by sending them to Arcane College in order to learn the ways of magic. However, their time there didn’t go particular well. While there Mestyl summoner a creature resembling a coutal during conjuration practices. This creature which called itself Couh would not dismiss regardless of Mestyl’s will. After some examination it was clear that Couh had actually split Mestyl’s soul with his own in the summoning process. The two had become part of each other through some divine means. Begrudging Couh stays with Mestyl, though over the years has learned to manipulate Mestyl to his own desires. Luckily her sister, Eli is a little more aware of Couh’s plotting. But Eli also blew up part of the college resulting in the expulsion of both of them. Shame prevents them from simply returning home, so they have wandered the lands of Oram and beyond for adventure.

Mestyl Tabdrossol

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