Saphred Alvenyard

The governor of the city of Southwind


Appearance: Saphred is of average height and lean body, but he does not look as frail as many spellcasters tend to be. For a lich, he is remarkably well-preserved. His skin is pale and dry, but seems unmarked by decay (though his face and hands are lightly lined, like a paper crumpled too many times). His pale blue eyes, too, seem to be as they were in life, though he rarely blinks, and his light grey/brown hair (thinning, but still clinging stubbornly on) hangs unbound down to his shoulders. His ancestry is uncertain; he may be from northwestern Oram, perhaps, or even Fordin or Gavan.

Known Information: Saphred became the governor of the city exactly 80 years ago, though how this happened is not mentioned, nor is Saphred mentioned as a power in or around Southwind prior to this year.

Years ago, Saphred was known for his ruthlessness in defending the city from attack, and it was written that he would barely even leave corpses behind when bringing his magic to bear against an enemy. Around 40 years ago this changed, and he began sparing lives whenever possible, going so far as to disable entire companies of troops in order to avoid bloodshed. Now, according to those who have seen Saphred defending the city, he has little qualm about killing, although he does not do so wantonly.

Saphred created most of the runes that protect the city and its walls, although he does not personally oversee their upkeep.

Saphred’s home was built over the existing library and courthouse, connecting the two buildings to form a rather lopsided “home base,” which he rarely leaves.

Saphred has not left the city at all in 23 years.

The leader of the nearest temple of Cyris outside the city, Father Evar, wants Saphred deposed and killed.

Other Information: Some of those in the city think that Saphred was a merchant at one time before he became governor, while another rumor is that he was an advisor, either magical or political.

Saphred seems to be making use of the scrying foci around the city core; whether he put them there himself is unknown.

Both Father Evar and Father Malden believe Saphred is involved in some form of demon (not devil) magic. Father Malden is willing to investigate, whereas Father Evar views this as proof that the lich should be “put down.”

Saphred Alvenyard

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