Gavan is the youngest country in the known world, having been founded a mere ~150 years ago by rebels (and no small number of criminals) from Fordin. Specific accounts vary, but the essential information is that 153 years ago Fordin was plunged into a bloody civil war, and when one side (the side unaffiliated with the king) began to lose, they left and sought refuge on the island, then known as Obsidian’s Grave for the dragon who was said to have been killed there. The Fordin rebels quickly located entrances to the island’s extensive underground passages, where they discovered edible fungi and strange cave creatures that nonetheless provided needed food. Soon what was meant to be a brief refuge became a budding country of its own as the land proved to be exceptionally rich in a variety of gems.

It was about 60 years later that the people of Gavan stumbled upon a city of a species that would come to be known as the drow, who before that time had not seen the surface in their own recorded history. Nonetheless, the drow took to trade with the surface world readily, and a small number even began living there. Now they are known in many areas of the world as manufacturers of powerful magic items, as well as skilled fighters, and the Gavan army is much improved by their presence.

Gavan’s landscape is mostly flat, littered with crevasses and potholes across its surface, like a great pumice stone (although much more sturdy). Its cities are built almost entirely of stone, and as such are made in the most economic fashion possible. Recently, their capital city has been changed to Shri Aeroch, a relatively new city built half-above and half-underground, so as to more easily allow blending of drow and human populations.

Gavan is currently ruled by a human woman: Queen (to be named), who recently took over rule of the country after the death of her husband, King (to be named). She has three children (two male and one female), all of whom are technically of age to ascend to the throne, but has not given the throne to either of her sons after their father’s death, and there is some talk of her wish to turn the country into a matriarchy, similar to that of the drow.


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