In which

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You parted ways with Selver at the port town, heading north on the trade road. On the way north, you spotted a group of ten tents bearing the insignia of the Wyvern’s Watchmen camped a little ways from the road, about a day and a half ride from Southwind. Continuing on, you found the city operating under slightly more security than usual, though not in any real state of alert.

The group split up, Eris leaving to speak with Saphred while the others went to talk to Father Malden. Malden explained that he had not expected Evar to react so strongly to the simple rumor of Saphred’s research, and said that he has been impatient and occasionally snappish in the last few months.

Saphred greeted Eris and was grateful for the news of the Wyvern’s Watchmen nearby. He also offered Eris back his position with the guard’s mages.

After meeting back at the Silver Dagger and divvying up the treasure from the temple, the group collectively decided to journey to Old Califax Abbey to speak with Father Evar himself regarding his motivations. After a night of experimental mixed drinks and one awkward bedroom encounter on the part of Mestyl, the group prepared to leave. Their departure was delayed only slightly by the arrival of a messenger bearing a letter stamped with Saphred’s seal. Inside the envelope was a small note, as well as another, smaller envelope.

You traveled to Old Califax Abbey, finding the clerics apparently prepared to move. Father Evar was readily available, and was agreeable until Saphred was mentioned. He was not inclined to explain his motivations to you, and seemed disinclined to take the letter at first as well. He did eventually take it, however, and retreated to his study.

Mestyl followed shortly thereafter, offering an “apology;” a disguised attempt to detect Evar’s alignment. The attempt worked, and it was confirmed that he was not evil. Evar gave Mestyl a return letter to bring to Saphred, which you collectively decided to open on the way back.

Roleplaying Experience

Mestyl – 400 Eli – 400 Redgar – 400 Eris – 400 Crag – 400

In which

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