In which there is summary and lots of relatively pointless information

I plan on updating this weekly after every session with a brief description of what happened during the game. If I haven’t done so within a day, feel free (and consider yourselves encouraged) to remind me to do so before I’ve forgotten things.

Also, the blog pages are going to be a way for you to get extra roleplaying experience above and beyond what I give at the end of each story piece. You can earn this by writing a character journal, making in-character comments about NPCs you’ve met or places you’ve been, writing thoughts about the other characters in the party, whatever.

Session One: Traveling from Fordin to Oram by way of the trade road. Stopped at Old Califax Abbey. Spoke with Father Evar and determined reason for militarization. Stayed the night, then continued on to Southwind. Entered Southwind, received room at Silver Dagger Inn. Paid street urchin for tour of city; saw Saphred’s home, library, temple district, market, etc. Discovered scrying foci scattered about the main road in the city. Went to speak with Father Malden, priest of the temple of Cyric in Southwind. Found out that Saphred is a lich, and that he has apparently been tampering with demonic magic. Tried to get an appointment to see Saphred, but town hall was closed. Retired for the evening.

Session Two: Visited the town hall first thing in the morning and were asked to come back around noon. In the meantime, discovered a young mage of the guard who explained the purpose of the mages and the runes around the city walls. Went to see Saphred, who seemed both honest and reasonably forthcoming about what was going on and about himself. After a minor disagreement, left the Governor’s office and returned to the street, to discover a man seeking adventurers to join him on a trip to the Peninsula of Snakes. Met him (he introduced himself as Selver Breckenridge) in the Crimson Rogue, and agreed to go along with him the very next day.

Session Three: The trip by road and then by boat to the Peninsula of Snakes was uneventful. The group quickly discovered the dangers of the local fauna however, when they were ambushed by a pack of raptors. The noise from this fight attracted an even larger beast, and the group fled for the mangroves to escape its jaws. Mestil summoned a cheetah to lure the beast away, and Selver led everyone away toward the ruins when it was distracted. You found the ruins – a grand structure in the style of a step-pyramid – with ease, and after climbing the many steps and entering the front doors and thoroughly exploring the entrance room you bedded down for the night.

Sessions Four through Six: During your trek through the temple, you discovered that it was a combination tomb and place of worship, the object of their worship being either a many-headed snake or an enormous snake that devoured the world. While one of the residents of the tombs had risen again in undeath, the others appeared undisturbed – though still quite well-guarded. Each entombed priest wore a particular amulet, which you later discovered was needed to open the door leading to the lowest levels of the temple. Of the dead, four were found in ordinary sarcophagi, two in magically-sealed sarcophagi requiring a sacrifice of blood to open, and a final one (potentially the Avatar) in a magically-sealed sarcophagus requiring the death of a living being upon a nearby altar. In the latter case, the sacrifice seemed to begin to restore the Avatar, and you quickly sealed it away again, fleeing the burial room. Throughout the complex were a series of puzzle rooms, requiring the solution of a simple puzzle in order to pass into the next corridor.

In the lower chambers, rivers of flowing lava (including one enormous area where the previously solid rock floor had become weak with the heat, requiring a bit of quick-stepping to get across) and a final puzzle room awaited, along with a final place of burial for a being who may have been a diviner or shaman to the people nearby. By solving the final puzzle room and opening the channels to the water held above, the door across the room was unlocked and the lava rendered relatively safe for passage (though the latter was made unnecessary by Krag’s use of earth magic). The door (set upon a platform inlaid with a surprisingly accurate mosaic map of the world) displayed an image of the races of the world (not just orcs) bowing to worship both the Avatar and the Guardian, while the world-eating serpent devoured the scene from above. Beyond the door was what seemed to be a water-tight chamber, and a nearly identical door on the other side of the small chamber.

The next chamber – more a cavern – was filled almost entirely with lava, which flowed into the cavern from a tunnel at the far end. On the area of solid ground, a large altar rested, flanked on either side by a large pillar of stone. In the ceiling, an enormous sculpture of the world-eating serpent oversaw the chamber, its maw positioned directly above the altar. Not long after you entered the chamber, an enormous serpent rose up out of the lava – the Guardian itself. After a lengthy battle (which I will allow you each to reflect on yourselves rather than describing here) the Guardian was lured out of the lava, where Eli broke through the stone of the sculpture of the world-eating serpent, causing it to fall down, impaling the Guardian on its fangs. The two pillars were also pulled down upon the creature, which loosed a final burst of fiery breath before dying.

Due to a lack of transportation, the group had to return to the smaller chamber to rest for a time before crossing the lava. After a few hours’ rest, you continued into the tunnel, where you found a final burial chamber, as well as the entrance to the extensive reliquary, in which you found the artifact Selver came here searching for – a gemstone with fire in the center, which upon closer inspection seemed to hold its own set of stars and planets within.

This is obviously just the bare bones of what you have seen. I left out almost all detail about the temple, and may have left out other things as well. You may format comments however you please, although only the parts made in the voice of your character will gain you experience. The more insight you give to your character, the more roleplaying experience you will gain.

Roleplaying experience will be given out at the end of each storyline, and sometimes sooner if appropriate.

In which there is summary and lots of relatively pointless information

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