Oram is currently the largest human nation, and the only one to be successful in the long-term that did not gain its land through force of arms. Technically, Oram is not truly a human nation. It is composed of 14 regions, eight of which are predominantly human. Two are elven, one dwarven, two orc, and one halfling out of the remainder.

These regions are: Eilar, El, Faro, Ildar, Kaven, Niassa, Noren, Ravenswood, Rhone, Riverside, Sanrem, Syddan, Vise, Westmarch.

Oram is also the most diverse of all countries, for there are communities of other species and races, as well as integrated bits of population, throughout many of its towns and even small villages, not just in its trade cities (of which there are no small number).

Oram is especially known for its five independent trade cities, which operate outside the laws of the regions they operate in, and obey only Oram national law and their own codified laws. These cities are spaced evenly throughout Oram, and each have their own form of organization. The names of the cities are Northwind, Southwind, Eastwind, Westwind, and Fourwinds. These cities also lie at the corner points to the largest and most well-maintained of Oram’s highways, facilitating even further travel.

One thing about Oram that makes it unique as well, is that banditry on the roads is highly uncommon, and the life of a highwayman is often very brief indeed. Oram has a series of roads and highways, all of which are patrolled regularly by the guardsmen, which compose a good 2/3 of the Oram army. Travel by road in Oram is quite safe even compared to other countries. However, the rate of crime in many cities is higher than elsewhere as well, due to criminals moving off the roads to pursue their “art.” Oram’s 14 regions all have their own penal systems, but Central Oram has begun a job program of sorts for certain criminals, to help them begin some sort of life’s work once their sentence has been served.


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