return letter

This letter was penned quickly, in tiny script. The envelope that holds it is sealed with the image of the holy symbol of Cyris.

You propose peace and yet threaten me openly with utter destruction. A hypocrite as ever, Saphred, and I already know you to be a liar. I stayed my hand against you not because I believed you to be anything but a monster, but because Vathin and Aranil both defended you. If they had such faith in you, I resolved to ignore you as best I could out of respect for them.

I don’t care for your fabricated reasons; you have consorted once again with beings of the most vile nature. Nothing good can ever come from them, and therefore regardless of your motivations I know you will only commit yet more evil by dealing with these demons. Regardless of what Aranil may say or what Vathin may have said, I see you as what you truly are.

Throw your warnings and empty threats. You boast so often of the things you know and the things you see, and yet you say you fail to understand my actions. Whatever you say awaits on the horizon, I must focus on the immediate threat. Cyris commands it.

return letter

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