true natures are revealed

A lot happened these last two weeks, but since so much of it changed depending on character perception, I couldn’t think of a way to write it down properly. So, I will simplify to the utmost and say only this:

The group returned to Saphred with the information you had found, and he asked you to be available to speak with Father Malden, who had been called back to Old Califax due to the threat Evar thought Saphred posed toward Malden specifically. You discovered through two brief conversations with Malden that there had been a few more demon summonings than usual within the temple of Cyris, and that of them two were notable (though details on both the aforementioned summonings were very vague). The third attempt at communication failed, apparently because the acolytes were on the move.

They arrived at Southwind, along with the reinforcements composed of two forces of 30 Wyvern’s Watchmen, two days later. From the morning of the day he was to arrive, however, there was no word whatsoever from Saphred, and slowly word got around that he had seemingly disappeared from the city completely. Despite a very effective defense of the Western wall by most of the group and an airborne assault on the acolytes by Crag, Evar reached the gates and literally burst through, but not before killing many of the city guard stationed around the gates. He stormed through Saphred’s home while the acolytes (specifically the four second-in-commands among the group) negotiated the terms of their stay in (effectively, their occupation of) the city.

This would be a great time to post some character perceptions as to the events of the game so far, or just the goings-on around Southwind. Some potential questions to get you started:

Why did Saphred leave the city, and where might he have gone? What will Evar do now? What should the acolytes do now? What should the city guard do now? What of Eastwind?

Roleplaying experience for sessions 9-11 will be given out in the next post.

true natures are revealed

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